Winning Pinewood Derby Canopy Car #3 Full Kit (Tungsten Canopy) by Derby Dust®

Fast Pinewood derby kits! BSA-compliant, pinewood derby car.

Each kit contains:
3.5 oz Tungsten Canopy weighted car to 120-124 grams (very close to final weight of 5oz) Tungsten putty and foil tape provided for final weigh in
4x BSA Wheels -machined, lathed and sanded– ready to race
4x BSA Axles– deburred, shaped, straightened, and polished –ready to race

Length is 7″
Width is 1.75″
Height is less than 1.25″
Ground clearance is 3/8″ or greater.

Before your purchase, please check your local rules. If you are unsure about the terminology, just email us, we will get you what you need.

What makes our kits different than everyone else? Our kits come with those speed tips that everyone says to use and leaves it up to you to figure it out. Our kits come with the speed tips and secrets that everyone charges you to buy their info. With our kit, and a little work on your end, you can dominate your race!

Compare yourself. Tools need to complete you kit: Sandpaper, wood filler, and paint. Installation instructions will be included.

Complete information can also be found on our website.

Comes with evything pictured. 1x Body, 4x wheels, 4x axles, 3.5 oz tungsten canopy, 7 grams tungsten putty, foil tape, gap gauge, #44 drill bit, Sample tube graphite, Wheel polish kit

Product Features

  • Our cars are perfected balanced for speed. Weight balanced about 1″ in front of rear axle for maximum potential energy.
  • Reduced the wheel base on the front end to reduce wobble and track better. Competition does not
  • Surface area next to wheel on the body that could be a potential speed robbing point. Competition does not.
  • Bodies- Low profile in front with larger profile in back. What does this do? It has to do with aerodynamics and decreasing drag. Competition does not.
  • Machined Ready to race BSA Official Pinewood derby speed axles and wheels