Blocsilver EMF Protection Anti Radiation EMF Shielding Bed Canopy Box (Queen)

Designed to maximize EMF shielding whilst keeping Blosilver material usage low via the 1.5m height makes the range of Blocsilver box canopies in our opinion the most cost effective cell tower radiation shielding canopy on the market worldwide today. Exclusively designed and manufactured at our factory in Scotland this cell tower radiation canopy is highly effective against wifi radiation, smart meters, cell towers, DECT, TETRA and other wireless devices. Designed and launched in 2017, this is as up to date as you can get, if you want protection against wireless radiation from all modern communications equipment, without breaking the bank, this is the EMF shielding bed net for you Attenuation 40-44.2 dB at 4GHz.

Product Features

  • EMF SHIELDING box shaped BED NET
  • Restore your family’s SLEEP and immunity overnight! 15 minutes EASY INSTALLATION
  • UK MANUFACTURED from 100% Pure Silver polyfibre EMF shielding fabric. Anti bacterial lightweight and very breathable material.
  • DIMENSIONS 84 Inches Long; 64 Inches Wide and 59 Inches High