Shatex Shade Fabric for Pergola/Patio/Garden New Design Shade Panel with Grommets 10x22ft Frostgreen

Shatex Shade Cloth is made with High Density Breathable UV Stabilized Fabric.
·Light Weight and Durability make it a superior choice for all types of shade applications.
·Breathable Mesh blocks up to 90% of UV rays, dramatically lowering the temperature and creat cool comfortable outdoor space.
·Knitted construction resists tearing and fraying,Custom fit your own projects,not unravel.
Ideal for Patio swimming pool ,carports or other outdoor area.

We provide a variety of conventional sizes:4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′
Also have a variety of color options:Wheat,Black,Frost Green,Coffee,Grey.

Shatex New Designs Release
·Shade Panel with Grommet, use as Privacy Shade Fence/ Windscreen,RV Awning,Side Wall for Instant Canopy or Gazebo ,Awning for window and porch
·Shade Panel with tie-up ropes, use as Top Shade Cover for Pergoa/Carport/Patio,Privacy Shade Fence/ Windscreen,Awning for window and porch
·Hanging-up Shade Panel, use as Awning for window and porch,Privacy Shade Sunscreen for patio
·Shade Sail, ideal for Patio ,swimming pool ,carports or other outdoor area.

Product Features

  • 90% UV Block Shade cloth,light and flexible.
  • Breathable fabric,allow air and wind go through,lowering the temperature and creat cool comfortable outdoor space.
  • Reinforced edges with grommets ,easy to attach.the space of every grommets is 17.7″.
  • It is durable as a shade attached to the top of pergola.
  • Easy to cover on greenhouse in the Summer to protect plants.