Kenley Pet Sofa Couch Cover – Pet Proof Furniture Protector from Cats & Dogs – Waterproof Clear Plastic Shield Covers for Couch Recliner Love Seat Outdoor Patio Furniture – Cat Claw Scratch Deterrent

Keep your couch clean Muddy footprints, splashes of paint, cat scratches, renovation dust, pet hair, potty training accidents, cat pee… some seasons of life can destroy your couch in seconds. Keep your couch safe and clean with this furniture protector. Couch covers for cats can be particularly valuable as your furry pet’s sharp claws, hair and urine can wreck a couch quickly. If your cat is struggling with appropriate behavior, perhaps due to illness or age, a couch cover can be a life saver. Made of thick, waterproof plastic, this furniture protector is designed to be long lasting. Easy to use daily Sitting on a plastic wrapped couch is no fun, so choose this couch cover that’s simple to put on and off when you need it. For example, if your pets are mistreating your couch, simply put the sofa cover on when you go to bed and remove it in the morning or after you return from work. This plastic couch cover folds up neatly and can easily be stored in a cupboard or under your couch. The furniture protector is 96in (244cm) wide, 42in (107cm) high and 40in (102cm) deep. It can be used with any appropriately sized couch, small or large, and is also suitable for outdoor furniture.

Product Features

  • Clear waterproof plastic covers for furniture 96x42x40in
  • Sofa and furniture protector from cat scratches, claws, urine, hair and more
  • Tried and tested to prevent cat scratching damage
  • Ideal couch cover during renovations or painting work
  • Can be used for recliners, love seats, outdoor and patio furniture