CrystalTech Nano Stain and Water Repellent Fabric Protector Spray | Nano Liquid Glass Technology | Safe for Leather, Suede, and Footwear | Protection from Rain, Mud, Spills, Grease | 2 oz

Works on All Types of Fabrics – Including Home Furnishings, Vehicle Upholstery and Wearables!

If you need to protect leather, suede, canvas, rubber, velour, polyester, cotton, rayon, silk and satin, our innovative fabric protective solution will do it effectively!

New sneakers? √

Wedding dress? √

Microfiber couch? √

Leather Coat? √

New Rug? √

Pool Table? √

Suede Boots? √

Silk Suit? √

Patent Leather Shoes? No! This only works on fabric fibers.

Creates an Impenetrable Barrier to Guard Semi and Absorbent Surfaces!

Adds an invisible and odor free layer of protection on your indoor and outdoor fabrics, textiles and upholstery! It repels water which prohibits the growth of mildew, mold and fungus! And, it’s a natural anti-bacterial agent!

Stops Absorption of Baby Urine and Pet Pee!

If you want to protect furniture and carpets from spills, we have it covered – literally! Simply coat the fabric with our proven fabric spray and no longer worry stains! Especially if you have non-housebroken puppies, older dogs and cats who mark their territory inside your home!

Tested and Validated as an Effective Remedy to Protect Fabrics from Liquid Stains!

After developing the best fabric protection spray on the market, we had to be sure! We had it tested, re-tested and validated as an ultra-effective solution to protect fabrics from liquid stains, including water and oil-based. We did it!

No Harmful Chemicals and Tested and Validated as Non-Toxic!

Its free of harmful and unhealthy toxins and chemicals! We want to protect your fabrics, but we also want to protect you, your family and your pets! This CrystalTech Nano product is verified to be REACH compliant.

Protect your investments with Maximum Stain Resistant Technology!! Press the “Add to Cart” button for an easy solution to protect your valuables!

Product Features

  • PROTECT YOUR HOUSEHOLD, FASHION AND VEHICLE FABRICS: Safeguard furniture upholstery and carpets, clothing and shoes, and fabric car seats by making them stain and water resistant! This odorless hydrophobic solution creates a waterproof barrier designed to protect the fabrics in your home, vehicle and wardrobe!
  • NON-ABSORBENT LAYER OF PROTECTION AGAINST WATER AND LIQUIDS: It forms an invisible layer of bonded Nano glass microscopic particles that repels water, wine, coffee, grease, oil and urine! And, it’s safe to use on virtually every fabric without altering the look and feel of the item!
  • FORMS A DURABLE AND IMPERMEABLE BARRIER TO PREVENT STAINS: Preserve the new and fresh finish of your fabrics with our stain blocking formula! Use it on your sofa, boots, handbags, tablecloth, cushions, boat canopy, sports uniforms and clothes! You’ll discover so many uses and applications!
  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC FORMULA & SIMPLE TO USE: Ensure the fabric is clean, then spray on CrystalTech Nano Fabric Protector in a criss-cross pattern, do not saturate. Once dry, the fabric is magically protected from virtually all stains for up to one year! If clothing is washed, re-apply after approximately 3 washings to ensure maximum protection. Plus, it’s free of harmful toxins and chemicals! We made this to use in our own homes, too!
  • ADVANCES IN SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY MAKE IT POSSIBLE: CrystalTech Nano’s products were engineered using SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), a liquid glass substance broken into Nano particles. When bonded, it forms a tough, ultra-thin shield, impenetrable by water and oil and we guarantee its results! It is Nano, so it is 5000 thinner than human hair! Buy CrystalTech Nano Fabric Protector now for ultimate protection!