Coconut Shade Sail Hardware Kit 6 Inches for Rectangle Sun Shade Sail Installation 316 Stainless Steel Anti-Rust

Shade Sail Hardware Kit for Rectangle Sun Shade Sail Installation 316 Stainless Steel Anti-Rust 6 Inches

Set up your rectangle shade sail anywhere you would like with hardware kit, tree wall or pole, any structure.

Turnbuckle- A device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tension systems.
Snap Hook- A metal loop with a spring-loaded gate, used to quickly and reversibly connect components.
Pad Eye- A flat metal plate with a projecting loop or ring, made all in one piece, providing an attachment point. It is secured by screwing, bolting, or welding it in place.

One set of rectangle sun shade sails hardware kit include
Turnbuckle x 2pcs
Pad eye x 3pcs
Snap hook x 1pc
Screws x 12pcs
,Plastic expansion x 12pcs
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Product Features

  • Adjustable turnbuckle to create tension; Length from 6″ to 8.5″
  • Made from premium quality 316 stainless steel, anti-rust.
  • Includes: Turnbuckle x 2pcs, Pad eye x 3pcs, Snap hook x 1pc,Screws x 12pcs,Plastic expansion x 12pcs
  • Sun shade sail hardware kit special for outdoor using such as patio, lawn or garden.
  • Hardware kit for rectangle sun shade sail installation, make your shade sails more stable