The Gazebo: A Captivating World War One YA Historical Fiction and YA Time Travel Novel (A Series of Doors Book 1)

Enter The Gazebo, choose one of the three doors in front of you and you’ll be time travelling to a parallel universe in no time.

That’s the offer presented to Ron Lampson when his pet bird leads him to a mysterious gazebo. Inside, Ron makes his choice and is time warped from 21st century Florida and lands in the midst of the chaos that was Europe at the beginning of World War I.

In The Gazebo, the first volume of a captivating YA historical fiction series, Ron leads a crew of four that are tasked with a seemingly impossible mission… change the events that led to the catastrophic loss of 37 million lives in WW1. In a rapidly devolving situation, Ron finds himself out of place and lost in a world that’s not his own.

The Gazebo is an action-packed YA Fantasy novel that shows that it only takes one determined man to change the fabric of time.

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