Sundate Electric Patio Heater, Infrared Heater with 2 LED Lights and Remote Control, Indoor/Outdoor Standing Heater, TH15LR

Sundate electric patio heater gives you instant warmth anywhere anytime! The infrared heater contains an infrared heating golden tube and high-rated aluminum reflector heating system that provides heat evenly. Reflective heating technology replicates the sun’s rays, producing no UV rays, odors, chemicals or fumes and warming the object or person in front of the heater rather than the front air. It’s your best choice in winter, providing you with a chance to enjoy any reunion with family and friends.

The infrared heater produces instant heat with golden tube and high-rated aluminum reflector. Golden tube is maintenance-free and efficient with a long life span about 5500-6000 hours.

Remote control function, 2.05m high body and 2 built-in LED lights make it more upmarket and user-friendly. It’s more money-saving which only costs about 1/10th that of propane heaters.

This heater is weather and dust-proof (IP65 rating) and portable with a sturdy weighted base. The heater can also be a decoration as a floor lamp with its built-in LED lights. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor using, such as BBQ areas, pools, patios, gardens, etc. It’s also an indispensable member of winter parties!

Our heater uses electricity and does not output carbon monoxide like propane or natural gas heaters that burn fossil fuels. It’s safer and more environmentally friendly and good for the living condition.

Customer service team always respond within 24 hours; all products have 12 months replacement warranty if there is any quality issue.

Product Features

  • INSTANT AND STRONG HEAT: Golden tube produces instant and quiet heat within seconds.
  • SAFETY AND WARRANTY: IP65 rating (weather and dust proof) and safety anti-tilt switch.
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: Remote control and pull switch for both indoor/outdoor use.
  • IMPRESSIVE DESIGN: Aluminum alloy housing, adjustable height(43-79 inch) and 2 LED lights.
  • USE IT EVERYWHERE: Indoor and outdoor using such as BBQ areas, pools, patios, gardens, etc.