QSTOVES Outdoor Wood Pellet Patio Heater, Q-Flame Portable Heater, Portable Stove, for Camping, RVing, Hunting – Q05/Q05C

Thank you for choosing QSTOVES!

By heating with wood pellets, a type of eco-friendly biomass fuel, you’re helping to CONSERVE ENERGY! QSTOVES offers wood pellet stoves as an eco-friendly alternative to standard polluting fuels because our company supports sustainable non-fossil biomass fuels that save our precious forests and reduces air pollution. Our product may be used for recreational activities such as camping or patio parties, but is also a vital survival tool when electricity goes down during storms or other emergencies.

A QSTOVES is inexpensive to operate, non-electric and environmentally friendly using only renewable resources, thus solving heating problems at a lower cost. Our dedicated team is here to serve you by answering questions and guiding you through the installation process. QSTOVES is taking a stand against old fashioned polluting heat sources because our mission is to reduce air pollution and avoid using non-renewable resources as our commitment to protecting our fragile habitat. Wood pellets are the best source of fuel for what we were trying to achieve because it is renewable, inexpensive, can be easily transported and stored. It is also sold in many retailers and bought in bulk there was no comparison. Its compressed saw dust. Created from lumber industries that mill dimensional wood for construction and forest trees that have been harvested due to a variety of reasons such as health or hazard. Manufacturers always create a premium blend of Pine and Douglas Fir trees, compress it to a specified diameter and length for packaging.

Product Features

  • 3X heat output up to 106,000 BTUs – with 10 ft heating area, HIGHEST BTUs output for any patio heater
  • 50 cents per hour fuel cost – cost less to run than any other heater on the market
  • Portable – can be taken down easily and be brought anywhere: for Camping, RVing, Hunting, tail gating, tournaments, using in Patio, Garage, Wall Tent, and all open air space
  • Environmentally Friendly wood pellet fuel is made from sawdust, and is considered carbon neutral and green energy; leaves NO TRACE
  • Easy assembly, no moving parts – no tools required, 5 mins to set up; no moving parts means easy maintenance and long lasting