QOZY Patio Sun Shade Sail Rectangle 10 ft. x 16.5 ft.|”Paradise Island Tan” Canvas Sailcloth Awning – UV Deck Sail Shade Canopy | Backyard Garden Pool Playground Pergola Carport Shade Tarp Cover

Your Very Own Backyard Paradise Awaits

This “paradise island tan” sail shade canopy turns the hottest hours of the day into the perfect times to relax outside.

With an exceptional UV protection rate of up to 98% and outstanding 90% shade coverage, the QOZY enables you to sit back and relax during the best months of the year.

Note: Not intended as a rain shade. Ran will drip through the tiny gaps of mesh.

Sizing: Dimensions are corner to corner (metal ring to metal ring). Sides are curved to create more tension and a more stylish design. Thus, if you have an exact area dimension you need covered, you shoulder order a sail 1′ longer to accommodate the curve. For example, if you have a 9′ x 15′ area you want covered, you should order the 10′ x 16′.

Many uses

The QOZY canvas sailcloth awning can be used for:

Protecting your vegetables from overbearing and harsh sunlightUsing it as a carport to prevent your vehicle’s paint from fadingFront yard, back yard, side yard or anywhere for good looksUV Stabilization to help it last a long time in direct sunlight and heatThick 185 GSM fabric provides excellent shade and durability (fabric joints positions are not fixed, yet this is in no way a structural concern).Durable 38mm webbing provides extra wind resistance compared with competitors (25mm).Complete full-edged webbing that extends the entire perimeter of the sail shadeHeavily reinforced corners to protect against high windsTri-ring M8 316 stainless steel rings are rust-proof


The best part about the QOZY is the leading quality that makes it different from any other sun shade on Amazon.

The QOZY sail shade comes with a 5-year warranty to ensure your investment stands the test of time. Get yours today!

Product Features

  • [Amazing Durability] – QOZY is the only sun shade sail designed (ideally) to last a full 10 years in direct sunlight with anti-UV stabilizer infused into the HDPE material. Mega-reinforced corners and full-edged webbing is much thicker than competitors (38mm vs 25mm) to withstand winds.
  • [Cool 185 GSM Shade] – This is the one of the thickest sun shades on the market with High Density Polyethylene. Creates up to 90% shade coverage perfect for creating a relaxing cabana atmosphere whether you have a beachfront property or live in the city. Also perfect for protecting your car and even your vegetable garden!
  • [Blocks Up To 98% UV Rays] – Protect yourself and your guests from the harsh sun with up to 98% UV protection. This sailcloth awning is much less expensive and more stylish than an expensive attached awning and even more effective in most cases.
  • [316 Stainless Steel M8 Rings] – Tri-rings are stronger and more durable than standard D-rings. Plus, our 316 stainless steel rings are such high quality, they could survive under water for a very long time without rusting. M8 thickness makes our rings second-to-none.
  • [Easy Installation] – Installation of the shade sail can be as quick as 30 minutes with the included ropes! And if you need a whole sun shade kit with poles to support your new sail shade canopy, then QOZY has you covered! Simply check out our Amazon store for the additional installation kit.