PAZINGA 46000 BTU Propane Patio Heater with Sandbox and Wheels, 87″ Tall, Brown, Long Time Heating.

Have you ever thought about having a party outside in winter? Have you ever thought about drinking coffee and enjoying the beautiful scene with your friends in autumn? Great ideas, but the only problem is the outside in such seasons is very cold. However, I have a good news for you. To buy a Pazinga 46000 BTU Propane Patio Heater can solve this problem successfully.

What advantages do our Pazinga 46000 BTU Propane Patio Heater have?

1. Heating Constantly for a Long Time:

Our Propane Patio Heater can provide10 hours of comfortable temperature, range up to 18feet in diameter.

2. Control the Temperature Easily:

Our outdoor patio heater equipped with variable-heat control knob and push button ignition,which can let you find the best temperature.

3.Unique Safety Design:

With the help of double mantle heating grid and built-in safety valve, you won’tworry about the safety problem.

4. Powerful Heat Supply:

Pazinga patio Heater can accommodate and conceal a standard 20-pound propane tank,boasts the heating capacity of 46000 BTU.

5. ANSI and ETL Certifications:

Pazinga patio propane heater has ANSI and ETL certifications, which ensure the security and quality of our products.

6. Convenient to Move:

Two smooth-rolling wheels help you to move the gas patio heater to wherever you like.

Product Features

  • Excellent Heating: the 46000 BTU patio propane heater has a very excellent heating, which can range up to 18 feet in diameter and deliver 10 hours of comfortable temperature in winter for your families and friends.

  • Very Convenient To Use: With the help of ignition push button and variable heat control knob, you can turn on the outdoor patio heater very easily or control the temperature conveniently. And two smooth-rolling wheels allow you to move the patio propane heater easily.

  • Simple Installation: You will receive the parts below: a propane gas regulator, pre-attached flexible hose, durable stainless steel burners, double mantle heating grid. And it will only take 20-30minutes for you to assemble the gas patio heater.

  • Unique Safety Design: Our Pazinga outdoor patio heater is featured with a special anti-slant design, which has a built-insafety valve that can turn the gas patio heater off automatically when it gets tipped over. And our outdoor patio heater also has ANSI and ETL certifications, which ensures the safety and the quality of our patiopropane heater.

  • Having Fun in the Cold Weather: Our outdoor patio heater has a very excellent Heating, which let you feel warm in the cold weather. You can have a party at your backyard in winter or just sit on the corridor and talk to your friends in autumn.