Keter Eden 70 Gal All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Bench Deck Box , Beige/Brown (Renewed)

Product Features

  • 70-Gallon Eden Storage Bench is both a spacious outdoor storage solution and a practical, beautiful garden bench
  • Provides enough seating room to accommodate two adults with a weight capacity of 771 lbs. Coverage Area-6.76 square feet
  • Its durable resin construction with built-in ventilation and moisture resistance ensures that your stored items are safe and dry
  • Lockable lid to ensure extra security & safety. External Dimension (W X D X H) : 55.1 X 23.6 X 33.07 inches and Internal Dimension (W X D X H) : 50.4 X 19.7 X 15 inches
  • It keeps its good looks in spite of harsh weather, sun exposure and abuse from kids and animals