Huibot Bristle Brush with Oiled Beech Wood Handle Soft Hand Broom 14 Inch Long (Black)

Cleaning becomes so easy.
Huibot, over 30 years experience in natural cleaning brushes cover home and kitchen.
We choose eco friendly bamboo and wooden material that provide healthy and safe products

Huibot dusting brush with oiled wooden handle and large area soft bristle. This sweeper brush is used as outdoor and indoor
The handle is made of oiled beechwood and complemented by PP bristles. Precedence is given to natural, sustainable raw materials.
Small broom is great for working with dustpan; hand-held size: Total around 14 inch long, bristle around 8 inch long
For maintenance, it is recommended to clean with a mild soap and water solution. Hang to air dry.

Product Features

  • Hand brush used for indoor and outdoor; cleaning clothes, bed, sofa, counter tops, workbench, fireplace, patio furniture, garden and more.
  • Handheld broom with PP bristles, not easy to loss bristles compared with horsehair, great for clean woodwork dirt, pet hair and cat litter.
  • Soft bristles broom is gentle for cleaning cherish tools like musical instrument, TV, laptops. No noise even sweeping the suface of piano, guitars.
  • Dusters handle made from all-natural oiled beechwood, with smooth and comfortable grip; Bristles is 5 leves thick, durable enough.
  • Whisk hand broom is typically heavier than plastic and is better suited for heavy duty cleaning. Handle with leather tie, simply hang on wall for storage.