HAUSBELL Mosquito Killer Lamp, Bug Zapper, Mosquito Trap, Pests Trap, Bug Control Inhaler, USB Powered. Works Great with Mosquito Lure (Not Included)

Hausbell Mosquito Trap for Undisturbed Sleep
If you’re looking for the optimum in safe and quiet mosquito trap, the Hausbell mosquito trap is it. Safe for babies, children, people and pets yet very effective at luring in and killing mosquitoes, flies and other annoying and unsanitary insects. Attractive design fits nicely in any decor. No need for dangerous insect repellents and insect sprays, keeps your family safe by keeping your living space mosquito free.

How Does it Work
This advanced mosquitoes killer emits a soft blue light and lures mosquito and flying insects into the killing grid. It has a small fan that runs underneath it. The bugs are attracted to it, and meet their doom upon getting caught in the fan and dropped into a tray below. It lures bugs in and then dries them out so there’s no loud and irritating zapping or potentially dangerous electrical currents that can hurt animals and people–and no more need for harmful bug sprays and insect foggers. Use in bedroom, baby’s room, any living area that you want to keep bug free. Attractive, safe and effective –get your mosquito killer lamp today and watch the mosquito disappear!

Product Features

  • 【Eco-Friendly】: The mosquito killer lamp works great with mosquito lure (Not included). You can simply buy and put the mosquito lure at the bottom of the mosquito trap to attract mosquitoes. It can also trap other annoying pests. Non Chemical, Non-Toxic, Totally Eco-Friendly, safe for the pregnant and infants.
  • 【360 Degrees all-Around Suction】: Mosquitoes or any pests from any direction attracted by UV lamp will be sucked into removable cage with the built in fan. The mosquitoes will be dehydrated to death by the strong airflow.
  • 【Compact and Lightweight】: Easy to carry and place the bug zapper in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, closed garage, café, restaurant, store, office, hospital or any outdoor closed space. The insect zapper is equipped with a detachable bottom with a twist which can be easily removed for cleaning and bug disposal.
  • 【Help You Sleep Better】: Just turn on the mosquito trap 3 hours before you go to sleep. Virtually silent fan is perfect for baby, toddlers and the pregnant.
  • 【Tips: How to Use it to the Best Effect】—➊Make Sure you use it in the dark and closed place and put the mosquito lure at the bottom of the bug zapper(close windows, doors) ➋Place it 0.7~1.0 meters above the ground. ➌Turn on it 2-3 hours before going to sleep, and turn off all the lights in the room. ➍Continuously running it for more than one week to kill almost all mosquito inside the room. ➎Clean once in 2-4 weeks (Don’t open the storage box to clean it often)