Fire Sense 46,000 BTU [XL-Series] Black (Matte Finish) Patio Heater w/Drink Table & Wheels (Propane)

** New for 2019** Fire Sense is proud to introduce our all new *XL-Series* 46,000 BTU Commercial Grade Patio Heater Collection exclusively available to the North American market starting in January of 2019. Our new *XL-Series* Patio Heaters are packed with the very latest advancements in Heater Technology. Every * XL Series* Heater uses our new advanced “Pilotless” Burner System which eliminates the need for the dreaded fuel wasting, standing-pilot of most all other patio heaters! Additionally, by eliminating the standing pilot, no longer are you at the mercy of the wind blowing out the tiny pilot flame, causing the heater to shut down, leaving you out in the cold!! Start-Ups are a breeze with our new *XL-Series* Patio Heaters. We have replaced the traditional Thumb-Aching, Single-Spark, manual push button igniter, and have replaced it with an Easy Press, Easy Start, “Rapid-Spark” ignition system. Our new *XL-Series* Patio Heaters are not only easy to light and easy to operate; they also crank out the HEAT!! An impressive 46,000 BTU’s of heat output makes the *XL-Series*one of the most powerful heaters on the market!! Our powerful burner engine combined with our new patented reflector hood is sure to keep you Warm and Toasty! Our new *XL-Series* Patio Heaters come standard with a Bottom sand resevoir (Sand NOT included) which when filled adds 25 lbs to the Base of the Heater providing much needed stability and safety during windy conditions. In the unlikely event the heater tips over the built-in Tilt-Switch will immediately shut the unit off. Convenient mobility wheels are also included. Our new *XL-Series* Patio Heaters are perfect for the serious outdoor entertainer who truly appreciates quality, ease of operation, and fashionable design. The Stainless steel and handsome powder coat finishes endure extremely well, even in the most challenging weather conditions, while still retaining its beautiful appearance. (Uses 20 lb. LPG BBQ tank – NOT included)

Product Features

  • **New 2019 (XL-Series) Feature** Advanced “Pilotless” Burner system (No standing Pilot Flame)
  • **New 2019 (XL-Series) Feature** Easy Start “Rapid-Spark” electronic ignition system
  • **New 2019 (XL-Series) Feature** Bottom Sand Resevior (Adds 25 lbs to Heater Base) Sand NOT included
  • 46,000 BTU’s with SS Burners & Convenient Cocktail/Drink Table ($50 Value)
  • Attractive Matte-Black Powder Coat Finish w/Drink Table & Mobility Wheels