Endless Summer ES5000COMM Outdoor Patio Heater, Stainless Steel

Our commercial grade 40,000 BTU Endless Summer® free standing patio heater is the perfect way to enjoy outdoor entertaining longer. This patio heater is constructed of stainless steel and is fueled with a 20 lb. propane tank, cleverly concealed in the base. The heater’s triple domes allow the unit to distribute heat more evenly, while reducing the effect of blowing wind on the flame. Featuring an electronic ignition, this heater is simple to light and easy to use. As an added feature, this patio heater includes a safety switch that shuts the unit off if tilted.

Product Features

  • 40000 BTU’s of heat
  • Provides up to a 20 foot circle of warmth
  • Triple dome system with ceramic cone lined emitter for better heat distribution
  • Electronic ignition for easy starting
  • Safety tilt switch that shuts the unit off if tipped over