Coarbor Waterproof 10’x10′ Customized Sun Shade Sail Canopy Came with Hardware Kit Square UV Block Polyester for Pergola Carport Awning Patio Yard- Make to Order-Beige

Fashionable appearance

Coarbor Sun shade Sail /Garden Canopy fits outdoor space of most families, offices or public places.

If reasonably designed, our shade sails make the areas artistic and improve your life quality and taste.

Assembly/disassembly convenience 

The detailed installation instructions help you solve all possible problems during installation. Sails need disassembly due to season reason, and it is convenient. Sails can be washed with water and general detergents.

High quality

Coarbor sun shade sail was finished with STRONG DOUBLE LAYERS WEBBING. Heavy-Duty polyester materials not mildew, tear or fade when used under normal weather.


Keep cool in the sail shades, to protect against scorching sun and ultraviolet radiation

Protect against 95% UV and 99% rain

Recommended applications: yards, backyards, swimming pools, terraces, lawns, parking lots, children’s play areas, gardens and inlets or business places.

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY WATERPROOF MATERIAL- made of high density polyester- 3 year warranty under normal weather;
  • UP TO 95% UV PTOTECTION- protect you and your family from harmful sun rays; ideal for backyard, deck, swimming pool, door patio garden, pergola, porch, driveway or other outdoor area to provided you a privacy safe, cool and comfortable environment;
  • MORE DURABLE- Coarbor sun shade sail was finished with strong stitched seam and durable stainless D-ring on each corner; Full-edged webbing and double layers webbing make our sun shade sail much more long-lasting than others;
  • IMPORTANT: Do slope the shade sail- allow rain to flow down-consider a hypar (hyperbolic paraboloids) twist if you purchased rectangle sail. Sloping helps direct rain to the edges of the sail, rather than water gathered in the middle of the sail. Prolonged stagnant water can result in leakage;
  • EASY TO INSTALL- detailed installation instructions included(a 20′ rope is included for this sail); EASY TO CARE FOR- clean with water and mild detergent- will not tear, mold, mildew, or stain.