Amatria A20A.8OP Cordless Outdoor Sun Shade, 8′ x 6′, Cirrus

Block the sun before it heats up your indoor or outdoor living spaces. Amatria’s cordless outdoor sun shade can be used on the outside of your house to reduce heat buildup & make life cooler! Raising & lowering the shade is a breeze with our child safe Cordless hand crank operating system that includes a removable hand crank pole. These shades are crafted of durable, weather-resistant HDPE fabric that breathes allowing cool air to circulate while blocking to 89% of dangerous UVA exposure. Installation is simple using the included installation template. They can be mounted on your porch, pergola, window, or any outdoor living space where you want to reduce heat & UV exposure.

Product Features

  • Enhance outdoor comfort by blocking direct sunlight, UV exposure, and blinding glare
  • Save on cooling costs and reduce heat inside your home by placing over windows facing direct sunlight
  • Exterior Grade knitted fabric and components for years of worry free use
  • Easy to install and operate with child safe cordless hand crank system
  • Provides up to 89% UV Block